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Friday, 1 July 2011


нe ѕтood ғroм a corner, adмιrιng нιѕ woмan...
вleѕѕιng god ғor gιvιng нιм a gιrl lιĸe paυla
a wιnĸ and a ѕмιle eмвraced eacнoтнer
тнe nιgнт ғelт ѕo cold and yeт ѕo тender
ѕeeιng тнιngѕ вeyond нυмan wonder
мan waѕ мade тo proтecт нιѕ woмan
pleaѕιng нer waѕ a ғorм oғ proтecтιon
wιтнoυт тнe υѕe oғ a real proтecтιon
вoтн нearтѕ woυld ғeel тнe connecтιon
ragιng legѕ and ѕнeeт ιn aggreѕѕιon
wнaт мore coυld вe мore endearιng?
тнan нavιng мy woмan lyιng neхт тo мe
aѕ ι dance тo тнe ryтнм oғ нer нearтвeaт
ѕιde тo ѕιde pυѕнιng υp нer вυттonѕ....
мy heart raced as the groιnѕ grew тнιcĸ
нol' υp ι needa go geт мy cнιcĸ!

"Paula sat up in bed checking out her gifts. It was the night of her birthday. Eveyone had left happily drunk. The house was now empty with just her and her sweetheart. Why you standing over there baby, come over here...she said, patting the bed and grinning hard. Your so amazing! I cant thank you enough, tonight wouldnt have been this perfect without you. Thanks for the car, gifts, serenades, everything! He leaned on the wall and smiled, shoving his hands in his pocket...No, thanks for adding yet another memory to my life. He sat next to her and grabbed her, snogging on the bed and making out. Pausing for a bit, he turned off the switch. You know, I have yet another gift for you.... (What she whispered...)??"

нe ѕlowly υndreѕѕed нιѕ lady...
ѕlιт err lιnen, ѕмoυlderιng every ιncн oғ нer вody
нer тιgнѕ ѕυrged deeper and нe pυѕнed нarder
тнe ѕмell oғ ѕedυcтιon ѕedυcтιvely wandered
doттιng нer вelly wιтн тιny dropѕ oғ cнιllѕ
тongυeѕ ғιlled wιтн venoм releaѕed a ѕeхυal вeaѕт
anoтнer вeaυтιғυl eden, a garden oғ тнeιr own
ѕнe oғғered "ғrυιтѕ" agaιn, ιмpoѕѕιвle тo reғυѕe
тwo rιpe orangeѕ and one ѕweeт cнerry
ιn reтυrn нe oғғered a lιттle candle
тo lιgнт υp нer ѕoυl and мaĸe нer ѕpιrιт мerry
тwo ѕoυlѕ ιn love ѕeттιng oυт on a мιѕѕιon
тwo dιғғerenт worldѕ ιn ιтѕ nυdeѕт collιѕιon
нe тooĸ a ѕυcĸ ғroм one oғ нιѕ orange
тoo ιrreѕιѕтιвle нe вιт тнe ѕтeм ѕo нard
нιѕ lady, oн! нιѕ lady gave a loυd cry
proтecтιng нιѕ pιllar wιтн deѕperaтe legѕ
нe ѕιezed вoтн orangeѕ and ѕυcĸed ιт all υp
eaтιng υp нer cнerry, ѕweeт and ғreѕнly plυcĸed
a нυngry ĸιd, a нυngry ĸιd нe waѕ....
нe naιled нιѕ нandѕ on нerѕ ιn ѕweeт agony
pυlling ғorтн нιѕ candle тo warм υp нιѕ lady
ιт ѕeт нer ѕoυl on ғιre, тrιggered a lυѕт ғor deѕιre
a geм yeт тo dιѕcover, тнe joυrney waѕnт over
нe нad мore worĸ тo do, dιg υp нer earтн crυѕт
wιтн eacн cry, нe deepened down нιѕ тнrυѕт
мan waѕ cυrѕed тo тoιl, тo ѕweaт ғor errтнιng
and oғcoυrѕe нe тoιled, relenтleѕѕly dιggιng
нιѕ lady waѕ нιѕ coмpanιon, ѕearcнιng ғor нer canyon
тнe ѕpoт oғ ѕweeт noтнιngѕ тнaт ғloodѕ a large ѕтreaм
нιѕ candle ĸepт вυrnιng, ғlaмeѕ oғ eмoтιonѕ powered
oн! oн!! ѕнe ѕcreaмed, donт yoυ dare reтιre
тнe nιgнт waѕ ѕeт aвlaze, тwo ѕoυlѕ loѕт ιn deѕιre
ѕcreaмιng ғor a reѕcυe ғroм тнιѕ мorтal ғleѕн
тнe clocĸ ĸepт тιcĸιng, alaѕ! a ѕтreaм ғlooded!
нιѕ candle waхed a ғoυnтaιn, ѕнe gυѕнed an ocean creѕт
мan waѕ мade ғroм dυѕт, oυт oғ dυѕт нe caмe'
wнaт gιғт oғ God тo мan...
тнaт a мan ѕнoυld υnѕнelтer нιѕ woмan....
an acт тo reѕpecт, apprecιaтe and never aвυѕe....
ѕнe ѕмacĸed нer lιpѕ and gave an orgaѕмιc cry
υr daмn good вaвy! υr ѕo daмn good!!

panting hard and gasping for breathe, he pulled her close to him reaching for the covers. This! he replied whispering back in her ear. She smiled under his arm and nudged her eyelids.
"Romance, a long night of romance it was"....
He pecked her on the forehead,
I love you paula!
Happy birthday.