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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Heyy Everybody! This is gona be my first blog post! I thought I could share my thoughts with y'all. so yeah! I wana BLOG :D some posts might be funny, witty, Inspirational...or even cheesy! lol I can't promise you anything but I'll try my best give y'all something new to read about :)

 So my first topic is gona be, ARE ALL BABIES CUTE?!!   for those of you that love babies just like me, your first reaction is probably gona be like "Omg yeah, their so gorgeous"....right! wether you think so or not, all babies are cute...to the sound of letter "T" thats how much i wana prove this point to people (lol).
Have you ever imagined carrying a baby in your arms,...that pure aura of innocence they release. It takes over both you and the baby! You just find yourself feeling so happy, wanting to cuddle up the baby. Ever imagined what goes thru a baby's mind when they randomly smile at you and you just gotta return a smile! Ever watched a baby gently toss and turn on a bed slowly blinking their eyes at you till they fall asleep... Now these little bits of Uniqueness in their behaviours are what Makes all babies CUTE! They all have that sweetness in them...

I hear people say Nasty things about some babies and I see alotta people pull funny faces when they see a baby hardly smiling or worse still hardly crying! Affirmatively, Its wierd...lol. but this is No babies' fault at all! Wether they look horrible, they hardly smile, get scared of strangers, cry endlessly and other annoying things they can aswel do! This is just an early infant development every baby goes thru. Some are faster than others depending on the kind of attachment formed between the mother and child. I recall once carrying an aunt's baby (girl). She would cry down the ceiling just by merely playing with her fingers and start looking round the place for her mum. It was too annoying that no one loved carrying her. I was determined to successfully cut off that stranger anxiety the baby had.. Moments later, her mum left for for a second and i immediately carried the baby from the couch and left for an alone place to know what the baby's reaction would be! And like you can imagine, she screamed down skies on my head! God must have literally heard that cry! I started thinking of possible ways to impress this sweet little thing! from tossing her up in the air and dingling toys in her face, she kept crying! tried putting her dummy in her mouth, she threw it away and kept crying still! I made sweet, scary, ugly, funny faces all at her....still, she couldnt be Impressed! I wondered wth was wrong with this kid :| so i stopped trying. I had to believe there's a limit to crying. Eventually she must stop!

....And It worked! A dead silence swept across the room and for a second i thought the baby had fainted from crying..lol. I stared at her and she was still sane...tears drying up. It was too funny i made a big grin at the baby and for the first time she smiled. woo! she looked cute. That fearful, stranger-unfriendly, never-smiling baby smiled at me. aww she wasnt such a "rock" afterall. I concluded, wether a baby looks ugly, annoying, and what Not.. "All babies are Cute"!!! There must be a part of that baby that remains cute, and thats just whats Unique about them. Only a Mother can feel that happiness more. If you take your time to get used to a baby, the baby will get used to you too ! With that being said, smile at a baby today. Trust me, your helping that baby grow by just smiling :) :)

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